Raaj Arora has been an integral part of our growth story for years. He is a man who can don multiple roles and persona as the job requirement may be. Be it a serious seminar or a round table discussion or be it a fun fillled evening or a glamorous awards show he can be trusted to deliver a show with an extra punch. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to engage and captivate the audience, which he uses incredibly well in motivating the audience and conducting team-building activities. Another rare talent that he is endowed with is 'acting'' which he uses immensely well to create various avatars on stage to entertain and enrap the audience to enliven award shows and similar entertainment shows.

Raaj is extremely flexible in understanding the requirement and the brief. We have engaged him for multitudes of events across our client portfoilio and every time he has delivered a fabulous show with his grand stage presence and charisma. He gets into the flavor of his job and role without much effort. Be it a business domain of FMCG, finance, medical/pharma, education ot logistics, he has blended well in every event and has delivered on the expectations. Raaj is a very approachable super-star and above all he is a fabulous human being. A pleasure to work with always. 

Intense performer and A heart of platinum.

Raaj Singh Arora, is a powerful actor. Not just because of his personality but because of his dedication. commitment and hunger to learn. Also mixed with all this is professionalism and hard work. What more can any director ask for? Am sure he will find his place in the sun. His talent cannot be stopped.

It's great to see a few really talented & professional people in the wedding industry. Raj is surely one of them. It was an awesome experience seeing him do what he does best!! "ENTERTAIN" 

Great guy, great energy! An absolute delight to work with.

Handsome Hunk with voice and personality has a great sense of humour and Witt , a great human being . 😊

“We recently had the great pleasure of having Raaj as our Master of Ceremonies for our Corporate Show for 1000 employees in Mumbai. Raaj was a delight to work with, and set the tone perfectly for one of the important family day event for our client. Raaj responded really well to our brief, and was an integral part of the event success by making sure the Adults & the Kids with their family had a great time. This was the first time that I have worked with Raaj, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a professional compere, who is flexible, humorous, and creative. He is also fantastic at team building ideas and activities for any size and any level of clients. We are definitely looking forward to invite Raaj for hosting our future events. All the best Raaj !!

True professional, dynamic & dedicated. Am very grateful to work with an expert like you & will not hesitate in recommending you to any potential clients to engage their services

Raaj, People really appreciated your subtle, but a very impactful style. Your sense of humour and presence of mind was great.Your ability to pick the conversation and expanding on it really goes a long way in connecting with people.I am very positive that you shall get a good mileage from this as the crowd is very well networked.We hope you had a pleasant experience as well.Vinil is coming in few days from Koh Samui. He will settle the accounts as soon as he arrives.