Anything that gets your blood racing Is probably worth doing” – Hunter S. Thompson

This is the statement, which sums how I take my career and my life. Born to a banker and a lawyer parents

and Being academically very good, I graduated to be a Software Professional. However even working for a

Multinational company I could not relate to what I was doing with my life. Then the wheel of destiny spun

and I landed in Mumbai to pursue my passion leaving behind a comfortable job and a handsome pay packet.

I started in this CITY OF DREAMS with no acquaintance and absolutely no idea of what to do and how to do.

Only Thing I knew was to talk good, as I was a glib talker. The JOURNEY, which started as a step to find


Blessed With a Phenomenal Sense of humour and a spontaneous mind it took me little time to find work

and with Almighty’s Blessings I started doing what I did best TALK and ACT. From doing Road Shows to

Parties to Promotional Events to Corporate gigs To Weddings.

I Have Seen everything what the eventindustry has to offer. Being An EMCEE for MTV CAMPUS DIARIES

to being a QUIZMASTER for Discovery and A MODERATOR to Many Sessions of SEBI and Other Corporate

Discussions and adding that extra zing WEDDINGS, I enjoy all the Facets of Being On The MIC. Opportunities

turned into successful milestones and I did my First Hindi Film “W- The Movie” And Won An Award for it. Then

came appreciation for MY Telugu Movie SAHASAM, in which I portrayed the role of a villain. My Upcoming MOVIE

“ THE GREAT INDIAN ESCAPE- KHULE AASMAN KI OAR” will further Solidify my existence as a complete entertainer.

SO IF you wish for a GREGARIOUS ANCHOR or a DEDICATED ACTOR, I look forward to be there to make another Event

or a Role a Successful milestone In my Journey Of Being A COMPLETE ENTERTAINER.